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Workers Compensation for Food service/restaurants & More
​/restaurants & More

When was the last time you reviewed your Workers Compensation package?


Businesses in the Rockland County have a lot to look forward to in the near future. The continued influx of city commuters moving to our area, combined with the opening of the new, $3.9 billion Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge will bring lots of new tourists and traffic up our way. Restaurants, bars, delis, nightclubs and catering businesses in Haverstraw, Spring Valley, Nyack, New City, Stony Point, Naunet, Pomona and Montebello will all see increases in businesses.

You DO NOT want your business interrupted or shut down due to a workers compensation claim you thought you were covered for! Common workplace accidents including broken glass, knives and slippery kitchen floors happen often. Regardless of the safety prep and training, employees of your food serving establishments are exposed as a result of these ‘fast paced’ environments. Workers’ Compensation can protect your business by providing the necessary funds to cover the medical expenses associated with your employees’ on-the-job injury and the lost wages your employee’s missed while recovering.

Additionally, Worker’s Compensation Insurance benefits both business owners and employees by covering:

  • Legal Costs for defending your food service business if an employee were to sue you for suffering work-related injuries.

  • Medical Expenses associated with your employees’ job-related injuries.

  • Wages your employee would’ve earned during their recovery from a covered on-the-job injury.

Joyce Insurance Agency has been covering Rockland County for over 20 years. Our team has worked closely with businesses in the Rockland area to get them the policies that best suits them and their employees.

Whether you have a restaurant, catering business, nightclub, deli, bar or pizzeria, you’re required to purchase and carry a Workers Compensation package for your employees. Offering a proper package to new and existing employees not only insures you aren’t blindsided if something unforeseen happens but is also a great way to reduce turnover and attract more qualified applicants.

We offer competitive plans for:

Fine and Casual Dining Restaurants
Fast Food Franchises
Bakeries & Coffee Shops
Hotels, Country Clubs
Food Trucks

Get the local service & support you need that is backed by the Nation’s best carriers. Contact Joyce Insurance Agency, located in Stony Point, today for a FREE Quote on your Workers Compensation  Package.

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