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Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance is an American insurance company that is known for providing automobile and property insurance. Mercury General Corp. was founded by George Joseph in 1961 in Los Angeles, California. Joseph had spent a few years working in the insurance industry previous to opening Mercury. He wanted to create a company that compiled different factors to procure reasonable and equitable rates for a variety of drivers. Joseph admirably raised $2 dollars in start-up capital and sold the first policy on April 1st, 1962.

It’s quite clear to see that Mercury has been built upon hard work and dedication but what else does this company have to offer? The answer is a whole lot! This agency offers all types of insurance, ranging anywhere from typical home to mechanical breakdown protection. What some people might not know about Mercury is that Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercury General Corporation. Workmen’s is a nonstandard auto insurance company. This company primarily sells personal policies of auto insurance through independent agents. This subsidiary owes its success to working alongside independent agents in small, rural regions of the country. Workmen’s Auto has only emphasized the success that Mercury Insurance exemplifies.

Speaking of success, Mercury Insurance has been recognized by the A.M. Best rating scale for the past fifty years. The A.M. Best scale is an American based rating agency that focuses solely upon the insurance marketplace. Mercury Insurance has a rating of A+, meaning the company is in superior standing. To get a better idea of how great this rating is, the financial size of Mercury ranges from $1.2-$1.5 billion. This company also holds a rating of aa- in the long-term issuer credit rating, which also means superior standing. See the ratings here! With these ratings, it’s easy to see that Mercury Insurance is a reliable insurer. Their success and strength has been consistent since their first full year of operation in 1962.

In its home state, Mercury is the leading broker and writer of auto insurance. It holds a ranking as the fourth largest private passenger automobile insurer within California. The company’s assets have reached over $4 billion. Mercury has been insuring customers in other states as well, such as Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Texas. If you’re interested in low costs and efficient claims, then visit Mercury Insurance’s website today!

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