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Classic Car Insurance

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the open road. The engine purring in your ’59 Cadillac convertible or ’57 Chevy as you drive through the mountains of Rockland County, NY or cruise the local streets of Stony Point, the sun gleaming off the buffed wax, colorful paint and shiny chrome, heads turning as you go by. As The Rolling Stones sing about “Route 66″ or The Beach Boys harmonize over “Little Deuce Coupe”, you enjoy the ride of a piece of vintage history and classic style.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who managed to find a vintage ride in perfect condition and added it to your collection. Either way, you enjoy sharing its rare beauty and nostalgia with the general public and possibly frequent the occasional swap meet or classic car shows. Even if it sits idly in a garage, hidden from the world with only a few lucky enough to gaze upon that beauty, it needs to have proper Classic Car Insurance.


Owning a classic, vintage or antique car can be a great privilege and a source of pride. There is nothing quite like restoring an old car from the ground up, rebuilding the engine, fixing all the body rot and rust, or searching relentlessly for the parts that at some point you thought you’d never find.


It doesn’t really matter if you call it vintage, antique, classic or a hot rod, at Joyce Insurance Agency we understand the thrill of owning a cool, iconic piece of history. We are also aware of its rarity and the personal connection that you may have to it. Chances are it is most likely one-of-a-kind or one of very few such vehicles still on the road today. Exceptional rides like yours deserve exceptional care, great service and proper Antique Car Insurance. That’s where we come in. Our policies cover your pride and joy with the attention to detail you put into it.


Collector Car Insurance provides coverage that differs from your basic auto policy. Let’s face it, the parts aren’t readily available at your local Walmart or NAPA auto parts dealer. As much as you might baby your four-wheeled object of desire, unfortunate circumstances can prevail. Having the right Classic Car Insurance can’t prevent these mishaps, but it can protect you and your baby should anything happen.


Antique Car Insurance is an important part of protecting your investment. Don’t let all the hard work, money and heart and soul you put into your classic car be subject to loss because your insurance coverage is not adequate. Contact Joyce Insurance Agency today for a quote or just for the peace of mind, check that your Collector Car Insurance is up to date. And thanks for sharing a piece of history with the rest of the Rockland County, NY area!

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