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Enjoying The Siren’s Call Responsibly

Ahh the warm breeze coming off the water, a misty spray of the Atlantic Ocean, one of the great lakes or Hudson River. The joy of casting off into the alluring call of the open water in the Rockland County, NY area, or beyond to the shores of the Atlantic is exciting.

Enjoying an afternoon boat excursion or morning fishing expedition can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors in almost any season. But along with all the excitement of purchasing a new boat, canoe or kayak also comes great responsibility. You will have passengers on the boat that may or may not know their way around on a boat or understand the dangers of deep water or rushing white water rivers.


At Joyce Insurance Agency in Stony Point, NY, we understand the thrill of owning a boat and the excitement of taking it out on the open water but we also recognize the necessity of having adequate Boat Insurance. Outdoor activities are always subject to changing weather and the wild forces of nature. You need to make sure that if anything goes wrong on your boat you’re covered, whether it’s damage to your vessel while it’s dry docked, having mechanical issues off shore or getting caught in a surprise storm.


Living in the Rockland County, NY and the scenic Hudson River Valley area, certainly offers breathtaking opportunities for water-based fun and aquatic adventures. Our waterways justly deserve admiration for their beauty but also demand great respect for their hidden dangers and unforgiving power.


Set Sail Safely

Sailboat Insurance safeguards you against the many perils you can easily find yourself facing. The coast guard reported over 4500 incidents in 2012, resulting in more than 38 million dollars in damage. Rivers, lakes and our mighty seas and oceans can be fickle and dangerous.The weather can change on a dime and what started off as a beautiful calm morning can turn into a turbulent afternoon of hard rain and rough waves.


Tubing, water skiing or even simply a quick swim off the side of the boat can be very exciting to take part in, but can also cause injury to your passengers or even yourself. Young passengers or adults can unintentionally find themselves in the water if a strong wave or wake of a passing boat rocks yours. Make sure you are anchored properly, observe wake speeds and always be aware of your surroundings, especially when other boats are nearby.


Don’t let a minor mishap turn into a major issue by not being cautious. keep in mind that not having adequate Boat Insurance coverage can turn the tables on you, costing you your boat and your personal property or lifestyle.


Joyce Insurance Agency: Your Stony Point Sailboat Insurance Experts

Contact Joyce Insurance Agency today to get a quote or check on an existing policy. We are familiar with the lakes, rivers and ocean shores of our area and more importantly we can help you navigate the waters of your Sailboat Insurance policy. Enjoy your boat safely and responsibly for many years to come. Be sure to familiarize yourself with coast guard and local marina safety rules and laws.

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