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Electricians General Liability

Today, a large number of electricians are keeping their profit margins incredibly thin in order to keep up with the competition. This means that you are always on the lookout for a way to cut your expenses whenever possible. However, you do not need to be looking to reduce your professional spending by taking a risk with your Electrician Liability Insurance. You need complete coverage to provide you with protection for your finances if you are ever faced with legal action.

Anything can happen when you are working with so much high voltage. It only takes one mistake and you could be facing bankruptcy, such as:

  • Fire

  • Damage to a customer’s property

  • Misunderstanding a customer’s instructions

  • Slips and falls

Protect yourself and your Rockland County electrician business with proper Electrical Contractor Liability Insurance. Call 845-942-7200 to request a quote today from Joyce Insurance Agency.

Valuable Protection That You Cannot Be Without

Unfortunately, many electricians mistakenly believe that being incorporated will separate their personal assets from their business assets completely. However, if you are ever caught up in a liability lawsuit, the prosecuting attorney will have no problem coming after your personal assets as well. With Electricians Liability Insurance, you can make certain that regardless of the type of legal entity that you choose for your business, you will be covered adequately.

The simple fact of the matter is that all business owners are at risk of being sued. That risk has only increased in recent years. An Electrician Liability Insurance policy is specifically designed to help keep such legal suits from becoming a financial disaster. This type of protection will provide you with the protection that you need if you are ever held legally accountable for damage or injury with a policy that may include:

  • Contractual liability coverage

  • Bodily injury coverage

  • Products liability coverage

  • Legal defense expense coverage

  • Property damage coverage

The cost of Electrical Contractor Liability Insurance will vary on the basis of the type of work that you do and the amount of liability coverage that you require. In the state of New York, it is not uncommon for a building owner to require you to carry a minimum of one million dollars in coverage if you want to get your foot in the door and win the bid on a job.

A large number of legal cases focus on liability. While you may understand that liability coverage can help to protect your assets with a layer of defense, there is a lot more that you need to understand. That is where you can rely on Joyce Insurance Agency of Stony Point, New York, and agency founder Barnaby Joyce. You can rest assured that you will be getting an Electricians Liability Insurance policy that will help you keep your business up and running.

Your policy will provide you with coverage in five of the most basic business liability categories, including:

  • Advertising injury – loss that results due to your written or spoken advertising, such as an advertisement that trashes the competition

  • Bodily injury – physical harm that comes to a third party while on the premises of your electrician business, or an injury that an employee causes at a customer’s worksite

  • Medical payments – payments to cover the medical expenses of a person that sustains an injury on your property, whether it is a client, customers, trespasser or visitor, up to a specified amount, regardless of who is at fault as a gesture of goodwill that will aid in the prevention of legal action

  • Personal injury – damage to the rights or reputation of an individual or business because of libel, slander, copyright infringement, wrongful eviction, false arrest, invasion of privacy, etc.

  • Products liability and completed operations – losses that occur one the job has been completed for your customer, such as installing wiring or repairing an appliance, or from one of the products that you distribute

Trust Your Local Insurance Professionals

You have worked extremely hard to get your electrician business to where it is today. Working in one of the most competitive industries out there, you have to work even harder to stay ahead of the competition, even if that means narrowing your margin for profit.

Barnaby Joyce and the talented and knowledgeable team of experts at Joyce Insurance Agency are able to help you choose the best Rockland County Electrical Contractor Liability Insurance plan that is affordable without skimping on coverage. You will be able to protect yourself, your business and your reputation without breaking the bank.

Do not wait until a legal case has been filed against you to begin thinking about proper Electricians Liability Insurance. The time to get the coverage that you need is right now before it is too late. For electricians in Stony Point, New York, all you have to do is call 845-942-7200 or click on the quote request button to get started right away.

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