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New York Home Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve bought a home in New York City - a condo in the heart of Manhattan, a house in the affluent Upper East Side, or a co-op in the Bronx.

Without a doubt, owning a home in the Empire State is a remarkable feat. But there’s one more crucial thing to do - getting a New York home insurance coverage.

One of the most important aspects of owning a home in New York City is home insurance. Seasonal storms can wreak unexpected havoc on your property. Natural disasters can occur anytime and damage your home. Thieves can break into your home and vandalize your property while you’re away.

One thing is sure; you want to be prepared when the unforeseen happens. From property insurance to dwelling insurance, our New York home insurance ensures you get the best protection for your property at the most competitive rates.

What Your New York Home Insurance Covers


With New York home insurance, you get to protect your home from potential risks and dangers. Beyond that, New York home insurance extends beyond coverage for the actual home you live in.


This New York home insurance option protects your home’s physical structure. It covers the cost of damages to your window, roof, walls, and others.

Other Structures

If your fence, shed, driveway, and other structures not attached to your home are damaged, this insurance option covers the cost of repair or rebuild.


Aside from structures, New York home insurance also protects your personal belongings inside and outside your home. Your couch, piano, clothing, jewelry, silverware, and other properties are all replaced if they’re stolen or damaged.

Loss of Use

Suppose damage covered by your policy occurs and you’re unable to stay in your home. In that case, Loss of Use pays for temporary accommodation and covers basic accompanying expenses.

Personal Liability

Let’s say your next-door neighbor gets injured on your property. If she sues you for damages and you’re found liable, your liability insurance kicks in and protect you.

Medical Payment

If your next-door neighbor needs medical attention at the hospital, this New York home insurance policy takes over, paying for the cost of medical treatment. Medical payment also provides coverage if you injure someone outside your home unintentionally.

Joyce Insurance offers you a policy that considers all your needs, delivering it with a perfect mix of coverage and affordability.

Cost of New York Home Insurance

The price of New York home insurance varies from person to person, depending on several factors. The location of your home, age of the home and the quality of construction materials used, cost of rebuilding, the number of options you include, presence of a business, your deductible, etc., all play a role in the cost of your New York home insurance.

Policy that Meets All Your Needs.
For Much Less

As an independent agency, we work for you. With our solid relationship with the top New York home insurance providers, we take the time to understand you, thoroughly explaining your options and finding the policy that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Whether you own a small home in West Village or a luxury home in Upper West Side, you can get all the protection you need.

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