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5 Tips For Buying Teen Driver Insurance

Getting their driver’s license is an exciting moment for your teenager. They pump their fists and grab the keys, ready to take to the roads for the first time as a licensed driver. But, as a concerned parent, the implications of being a teenage driver bring one thing to your mind - auto insurance.

That’s why we’ve provided a handful of tips to make it easy for you to secure the perfect auto insurance policy for your teen. Read on to learn more.

Considering the costs of teen driver insurance

Car insurance for teenagers is typically more than that for adults for various reasons. Statistics show that car crashes are a leading cause of fatality for teens and children. Furthermore, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that teen drivers suffer auto crashes four times as much as drivers older than 20.

All of these come down to one thing- a relative lack of driving experience. As such, insuring a teenage driver will cost more, given the increased risks involved, compared to older drivers.

Reducing the costs of teen driver insurance

Although insurance companies typically charge more premium on teen driver auto insurance than their adult equivalent, there are a few ways to help you keep the costs at a bearable minimum.

Maintain good grades

Several insurance companies provide discounts for teens with good grades in school. This usually means maintaining a B average overall. Some companies also extend these discounts to teens already in college.

Complete a driving safety course

Driving courses can give your teen the know-how to avoid accidents. This type of complementary driving course can give you access to as much as 10% discounts on car insurance premiums.

Request for an away student discount

If your teen is attending college away from home, you could get a discount between 5% and 10%.

Be a good driver

A safe driver discount can apply further down the line if your teen keeps a clean record on the road, and incurs no speeding tickets.

Review quotes annually

Over time, your teen accrues their driving history, which should reduce the premium cost. Don’t forget to review and compare the quotes you get from your insurance company each renewal year.

Get your teen the maximum protection on the road for much less

Now that your teen can legally drive around time, the least you could do to help them would be to get the right auto insurance policy. You can expect to pay less premiums as they improve and accrue experience.

And as the foremost NY insurance experts, we can find the most competitive rates so your teen can enjoy maximum protection on the road for less. Reach out today for a free quote.

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