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Coastal Property Insurance

Owning a beachfront home is a dream come true for many people. However, this can quickly become a nightmare in a blink of an eye. If your home is along the coast in New York or anywhere else, you need more than the usual homeowners’ insurance policy.

More than in any other area, properties on the coast in New York are susceptible to damage from hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, and others. Fortunately, you can protect your investment. Coastal property insurance ensures that you are not alone when a storm damages your home.

Why Working With The Right Insurance Agency Is Crucial

In recent times, insurance companies have been at the receiving end, paying claims running into several billions of dollars. As a result, deductibles have risen tremendously, and homeowners have to bear some of the risks so insurers can recover their losses. Several carriers have also stopped renewing coastal policies. As such, if you live 5000ft or less near a water body, your choices are limited more than ever before.

To avoid paying a higher deductible and premium than you should while still getting maximum protection, you should work with Joyce Insurance. As an independent agency, we’ve built a solid relationship with several insurance underwriters, enabling us to match you with the company offering the right mix of coverage and price. Whether you own a multimillion-dollar condo or a small vacation property, we’ll get you the policy that covers all your needs.

Protect Your Coastal Property Today

With no coastal property insurance, you’re exposed to all the risks, damages, and financial implications. You need to act now. At Joyce Insurance, we work with some of the leading insurance carriers in the country. Even with the limited number of insurers, we’re still able to get you the coverage that provides the most protection for your needs at the most competitive pricing.

Whether you have no coastal property insurance, are paying more than you should, or are underinsured, we’ll love to hear from you. Talk to us today so we can answer all your inquiries and understand how best to serve you. Contact us today. We’ll be waiting!



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