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Make Your Home Safer With These Home Improvement Tips

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Every year, several thousand people are involved in freak domestic accidents. These accidents are even more unfortunate given that, upon retrospective examination, they could've been avoided with the proper practices.

Although it's virtually impossible to anticipate all possibilities for an accident, you can significantly reduce your risk of such unfortunate incidents by adhering to some crucial safety tips. Here they are:

Dispose of items that are of risk to children

Many accidents in the home happen when children come in contact with hazardous items that have been left lying around.

If you have small objects in the house, gather them in one place, preferably out of reach for kids, to avoid freak incidents where they swallow something by accident.

Plastic bags are a choke risk and should be promptly tied and disposed of.

Guard against fires

To reduce the risk of fire accidents, ensure that lighter and fires are kept far away from where kids and toddlers can reach them. If you light candles around the house, ensure they're stationed out of reach for kids. The same applies to open or unused chemicals and toxic cleaning solvents.

In addition, you should install smoke detectors and carry out maintenance for them to ensure they work optimally at all times.

Just as well, have fire extinguishers at the ready.

Avoid clogging up areas hosting heat-exuding appliances

If you have heaters and other equipment that give off a lot of heat, ensure they have plenty of room to breathe.

Don't pile up other items close to the area to prevent them from overheating.

Protect your home from extreme weather

If you reside in a region prone to storms and hurricanes, you must ensure that the building is proof against such adverse weather conditions.

A choice alternative is to install hurricane windows, as your regular windows can break during and cause damage to your property and house occupants.

Leave the gas pipes to the experts

Where gas pipes are concerned, don’t try to fix them without being equipped with the technical know-how. You can test for leaks by lightly brushing soapy water onto connections. If some gas is escaping, you’ll find some bubbles.

Avoid using matches to test for potential leaking gas. And, it is highly recommended that you call in the experts to conduct fixes.

Light up your home

Many accidents result from poorly illuminated stairways, corridors, and other indoor spaces.

And, such accidents aren’t limited to toddlers and full-grown adults- your pets are also at risk, especially if they’re old and have failing eyesight.

Ensuring that your home is well-lit will help prevent the worst of these accidents.

Taking special care of electrical installations in the house is crucial to guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones whenever you’re indoors. However, no one plans for the accidents when they happen, as even adequate preparation might not be enough to save you from the worst accidents.

This is why you need a good homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the costs of potential property damage. Contact us today to explore the best options for you.



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