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Professional Offices Insurance

As a professional, you provide one service or the other in law, accounting, or other industries. But no matter what you do, an unexpected event can happen in and around your office.

Your trusted employee could engage in fraudulent activities. A client might slip and sustain severe muscular injury. You could make costly errors that lead to a massive loss for your client. As a result, a court may be required to pay compensation running into several thousands of dollars alongside legal fees.

There are several opportunities and risks in your business. Let professional offices insurance take care of the risks while you focus on making the most of the opportunities.

Professional offices we protect

We'll find the right coverage for your unique needs no matter what you do.

  • Accounting & bookkeeping offices

  • Architect's offices

  • Attorney's offices

  • Insurance offices

  • Law offices

  • Consulting office businesses

  • Real estate agencies

  • Travel agencies

  • Dentists offices

  • Engineering offices

  • Financial planning offices

  • Tax preparers

  • Real estate offices

  • Veterinary businesses

We're constantly updating this list. So if you can't find your office on the list, let us know!

The right coverage for you

Businesses differ from one another. Even if they operate in the same industry, the location will be different, and so will the risks each business take. Our agents will assess your business to understand your peculiarities. This will enable us to find the policies that give you full protection.

  • Business owners policy

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Commercial property

  • Business income

  • Fine arts coverage

  • Employee theft

  • Business auto insurance

  • Crime coverage

  • Cyber liability

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

  • Health Insurance

Getting your protection

Joyce Insurance partners with several of the top insurance carriers in the country, enabling us to provide you with the best policies in coverage and cost. Our agents are veterans in the industry and understand the industry-specific risks you face daily.

We listen to your challenges and your goals so we can guide you in choosing the policies that give you the protection to consolidate on our successes. Let's get you protected while you take your business to the next level. Get started.



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