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Top Reasons Your Small Business Needs Commercial Auto Insurance

Reasons to buy commercial auto insurance for your small business

No one wishes for unfortunate incidents. But in the business world, it’s best to prepare for any eventualities. Here are reasons your small business needs commercial auto insurance:

  • Protection of business assets

If your business vehicles get involved in an accident or are vandalized, you’ll have to dip into the company’s coffers to repair or replace them. With commercial auto insurance, you have another alternative - the insurance company covers the cost of repair or replacement, and your business budget remains untouched.

  • Protection against liability

Your vehicle could damage other people’s property and valuables. If you are sued and deemed at fault for the damage, commercial auto insurance can cover the legal fees, repair to buildings, replacement of valuables, and other associated costs.

  • Payment of medical costs

If your vehicles cause bodily harm to employees, passengers, and other road users, commercial auto insurance can also cover them. It can help pay the medical costs and compensate for lost wages. It also covers legal expenses if a lawsuit ensues.

  • Customizable coverage for added protection

Commercial auto insurance can be customized to meet your business needs. Depending on your business activities, you can buy additional coverage that protects cargo and equipment in transit. You can also protect against non-collision damages such as vandalism or theft.

Types of commercial auto insurance

  • Collision insurance

If your vehicle is damaged after colliding with another car or object, such as a tree or pole, collision insurance pays for the repair or replacement, regardless of who is at fault.

  • Comprehensive insurance

Commercial auto insurance doesn’t just cover accidents; it protects against non-collision events. If your vehicles are damaged or stolen, comprehensive insurance provides coverage.

  • Uninsured or underinsured motorists

If your work vehicle is damaged by a driver with insufficient coverage or none, you won’t have to pay the bills yourself. This coverage helps pay the cost of fixing the damage.

  • Medical payments

Medical coverage ensures that employees and passengers injured in your vehicle during an accident receive proper medical attention. It pays the cost of hospital stays, surgeries and other related treatments.

  • Liability insurance

If your vehicle injures someone or damages their property, commercial auto insurance ensures you don’t have to pay. It covers medical expenses, repair or replacement of property, legal fees, and associated costs.

Don’t put your business at risk. Find the right policy today

It’s essential to have adequate commercial auto insurance to protect you if you are sued or your vehicles are involved in an accident. You also want to buy from a reputable company to avoid disappointment during claims.

By working with us, you can prevent all of these hassles. We’ll work with you to understand your risks and needs, and guide you in selecting the right policy for your business at competitive rates. Get started today.

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