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Why Advertising Agencies Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Having an advertising agency that offers digital marketing, healthcare marketing, email marketing, print advertising, web development, campaign strategies, and the like means that the reputation of multiple clients is in your hands. Sometimes, mistakes happen, and companies, maybe minor or big businesses, can sue you for them. It only takes one lawsuit to incapacitate your agency financially. In these situations, it’s better to prepare yourself.

To protect yourself from financial losses, you should have this insurance in New York.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance) is your agency’s safety net if a client files a lawsuit for negligence or mistakes. If they decide to sue you, professional liability insurance can cover the costs of legal fees and settlements that your best advertising agencies might face.

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover in Offering Advertising Services?

Professional Liability Insurance covers advertising services against claims of negligence, copyright infringement, contractual disputes, misrepresentation, and personal injury. During these situations, the best insurance in New York can help with payments regarding damages, court costs, financial losses, and disciplinary proceedings.

Limitations of Professional Liability Insurance

While Professional Liability offers the most common service coverage, there are still exclusions from this policy, such as intentional misconduct, physical damage, criminal acts, and workplace disputes. It does not cover damages like injuries or property and is mainly used for commercial general liability (CGL) insurance.

Why Should Your Ad Agency Get Professional Liability Insurance?

You might have the top advertising companies in your area. However, one mistake is all it needs before you spend tens of thousands of dollars. This coverage guarantees you legal and financial protection, which is crucial if there are allegations against your agency.

With this coverage, you can confidently focus on delivering creative ideas and campaigns without worrying about potential legal risks. On the other hand, having professional liability insurance can instill confidence in your clients, too. It shows that you take your professional responsibilities seriously and have measures in place to address unforeseen issues.

Most importantly, this insurance coverage provides continuity. In the creative field, mistakes can happen in advertising. Some of these mistakes bear legal challenges. With Professional Liability Insurance, you can guarantee that there will be no financial setbacks on your end when this happens.

Where To Get Professional Liability Insurance in New York?

When getting this insurance, you must seek out reputable insurance companies with years of experience, a good reputation, and can provide a tighter budget for services. Since 1996, we at Joyce Insurance Agency have been a community leader in insurance services and provided a high percentage of customer satisfaction.

If you want to save your top advertising agencies from all the financial burden that lawsuits cause, call us at 845-942-7200 or get a free quote today!



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