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Will Home Insurance Cover My Water Heater?

As a homeowner, you are always calling your home insurance agent to confirm whether their company covers various damages in your home! However, have you ever sat down and thought of what will happen if your water heater suffers damage? Will the insurance step in to help you repair and replace the water heater or even pay for the damages incurred due to the breakdown?

We understand that this is not something that happens often, but you must understand how expensive it can be to repair and replace water heaters, or cater for damages that may arise. Imagine the winter season has just set in and before you even clean your winter boots, your water heater bursts out of nowhere! And as you start complaining about how a cold bath clogs your nostrils, you realize that the basement is flooded. Then you look on the other edge and you notice that the water has taken a toll on the drywall, the new furniture you were keeping in the basement, and the carpet.

You decide that the best option is to step into the freezing water in your bathroom and cool off your anxiety. However, you remember that you heard somewhere that homeowner’s insurance covers such damages. But your mind keeps telling you, is this really true, or am I just trying to stay positive! Knowing what your homeowner's insurance policies cover is essential for your peace of mind.

In this piece, we’ll have taken the prerogative to help you understand if a home water heater is or not covered by home insurance.

So, Do the Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Cover Water Heaters?

The definitive answer is Maybe…, which is the of answer you would expect from a politician and insurance company. To be fair companies are better than politicians. This is because the policies on a homeowner's insurance can differ in coverage. When it comes to water heaters, insurance will cover particular scenarios. Basically, your homeowner’s insurance will cover damages caused by a water heater break down, but not its repair or replacement the water heater itself.

While a homeowner's insurance does not cover all types of water damages, your provider will pay for damages caused by the bursting or leaking of water heaters, pipes and storage tanks. Under certain circumstances they will pay to replace the damaged water heater and pipes, that is where the Maybe come in. For example, if the water heater or pipes were frozen and burst, or they were accidentally damaged by and object striking them, in these instances the carrier will pay to replace the heater or piping.

Sorry, Normal Wear and Tear is Not Covered

When you file a water heater damage claim, the insurance adjusters will go to lengths to determine whether the water damage was accidental or out of neglect. If they discover that the damage occurred due to wear and tear, they'll likely leave you in the cold, at least to respect to repairing the damaged pipe or water heater, but the damaged the water caused will be covered.

Like oil change in a car, homeowners should ensure that their water heater systems get proper care and maintenance. Therefore, if you know that you’ve not been checking your heater for problems, replacing worn our pipes, or flushing storage tanks annually will help extend the useful life of a water heater. But typical water heaters only last 8-12 years. Additionally, if adjusters determine that your water heater has had a leakage problem for an extended period and you had no clue, your claim may also be denied. Insurance is intended to pay for the sudden event, it burst and there is flood. In general insurance will not pay for a small leak that over time causes damage or mold.

You Have to Pay for Water Heater’s Repair and Replacement Costs

Although your insurance company may be liable to cover water damages emanating from the water heater, they’ll not cover the cost of replacing or repairing the appliance. Even if your water heater is relatively new and properly maintained and it bursts accidentally, there is a high chance that your provider will only cover the damages caused by the water. You’ll have to dig deep into your pockets to pay for water heater repair and replacement costs. Typically, the homeowner’s insurance policies exclude the coverage of household appliances.

Therefore, to protect yourself from any unexpected breakdowns, you must buy water heaters with extended warranties. Additionally, you can seek other insurance options to cover all your household appliances, including the water heater.

What is Actually Covered When a Water Heater Damage Claim is Accepted?

Suppose your water heater pipes or tank burst or starts leaking by accident. You decide to claim compensation from your homeowner's insurance, and they agree to cover your damages.

But at the back of your mind, you may be wondering; what will they really cover if they can't even help repair the water heater?

While insurance policies may differ from one provider to the next, these are some of the things that are usually covered by a homeowner’s insurance:

  • Cleaning up and removing the water left behind by the water heater breakdown.

  • Expenses for removing debris or physical items left behind after the water heater break down.

  • Replacement and repair of foundational elements destroyed by water from the water heater. These include costs for repainting walls and replacing rusty units.

  • Expenses to help replace or repair furnishings that were destroyed by water due to the water heater breakdown. They include damaged wood flooring, soaked furniture, and carpets.

Final Verdict,

There you have it, homeowners! If you enjoy taking a hot shower, make it a habit to take proper care of your water heater. Failure to do so, you may end up paying a fortune when it breaks down and floods your home. It is vitally essential to take the necessary steps to ensure that your water heater is in good working order. This will minimize accidental break downs or leakages. And if they occur, you’ll be sure that your homeowner’s insurance provider will chip in and save the day.

However, since every insurance company has different coverage policies, you must communicate with your insurance agent before signing anything. Some companies may not even cover accidental water heater damages, and no one will bother to tell you unless you ask. You ought to know what you’re getting yourself into before penning down that sign.

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