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Workers' Compensation Insurance for Restaurants

Workers’ compensation insurance for restaurants? What's that for? In the fast-paced, busy restaurant kitchens, scald, sprain, strain, falls, cuts and other accidents are an inevitable part of the job.

You've set up a perfect environment for entertaining guests, and business is booming more than ever before. However, should any of your workers suffer an injury while working in your establishment, you could find yourself reimbursing the worker for lost wages, paying hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and even legal expenses.

It's safe to say that your restaurant's bottom line will take a hit. But these legal and financial troubles do not rear their heads if you have workers' compensation insurance for restaurants.

Why do restaurants need workers' compensation insurance?

Accidents happen in restaurants; the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 93,800 non-fatal injuries occurred in full-service restaurants in 2019.

Common injuries include:

  • Burns from hot liquids, ovens, and stoves.

  • Falls and slips from slippery surfaces.

  • Muscle strains from lifting heavy items.

  • Auto accidents during food delivery and stock-up

  • Injuries from assaults and robberies on the job

If a chef suffers a severe burn in your restaurant, you don't have to pay out-of-pocket costs. Rather, sit back and focus on offering guests the best dining experience while workers' insurance takes charge.

From chefs to waitstaff, your employees can also have the confidence to go the extra mile at work because they know that workers' compensation insurance has their back no matter what happens.

In New York, it is also mandatory for restaurant owners to get workers' compensation for their employees, both full-time and part-time.

What does workers' compensation insurance for restaurants cover?

Workers comp insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses, including ambulance services, surgery, medications, rehabilitation, etc.

  • Full or partial lost wages

  • Death benefits

  • Court costs

  • Attorney fees

How much does workers' comp for restaurants cost?

The cost of workers comp for a restaurant differs from one restaurant to another depending on various factors such as location, payroll, experience rating, etc. Your independent insurance agent can assess your business and location to determine your premium costs.

Getting your insurance

Safeguard your restaurant today with workers' compensation insurance. For 20 years and counting, Joyce Insurance has been helping restaurant owners find affordable coverage that offers all-round protection.

That's possible because we partner with some of the best insurance carriers in the country and can quickly get the most affordable policies that suit your unique situation. Let's protect you today.



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