Windstorm insurance is a special type of property and casualty insurance designed to cover damages caused by high winds. Windstorm insurance may cover damages from hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, hail and other weather events that are accompanied by wind gusts that exceed 35 miles per hour. Many states have provisions for windstorm insurance riders that can be purchased by homeowners to cover damage to property and personal belongings.

At Joyce Insurance we have companies with $0 Windstorm Insurance deductible. 
There are two kinds of wind damage deductibles: hurricane deductibles, which apply to damage solely from hurricanes, and windstorm or wind/hail deductibles, which apply to any kind of wind damage. Percentage deductibles typically vary from 1 percent of a home's insured value to 5 percent. In some coastal areas with high wind risk, hurricane deductibles may be higher. The amount that the homeowner will pay depends on the home's insured value and the "trigger" selected by the insurance company, which determines under what circumstances the deductible applies. In some states, policyholders may have the option of paying a higher premium in return for a traditional dollar deductible, depending on how close to the shore they live. In some high-risk coastal areas, insurers may not give policyholders this option, making the percentage deductible mandatory.

Windstorm insurance is a special type of property and casualty insurance designed to cover damages caused by high winds. Windstorm insurance may cover damages from hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, hail and other weather events that are accompanied by wind gusts that exceed 35 miles per hour.

In some cases, homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damages caused by heavy winds, but in many states where wind damage is common, insurance companies may require homeowners to purchase a separate windstorm insurance rider to provide coverage for damages. It is very important that you are aware of what is and what is not covered by your homeowner’s policy.

What Does Windstorm Insurance Cover?

Windstorm insurance will typically cover damages to your home and personal belongings inside your home. Many policies will also include coverage for detached structures such as garages, sheds and even swimming pools. When gale force winds harm roofs and windows, this often creates the opportunity for rain and debris to cause additional damage. Most policies will cover the repairs as long as you file the claim soon after the event.

Here’s a list of states where it’s common for

insurance companies to trigger separate wind and hail deductibles for perils ranging from hurricanes to tornadoes.

Alabama                            Missouri
Connecticut                       Nebraska
Delaware                           New Jersey
District of Columbia          New York
Florida                               North Carolina
Georgia                             Oklahoma
Hawaii                               Pennsylvania
Kansas                               Rhode Island
Louisiana                          South Carolina
Maine                                South Dakota
Maryland                           Texas
Massachusetts                   Virginia

Sometimes, windstorms are followed by storm surges and flooding. It is important to realize that windstorm insurance will not cover damage caused by rising waters. Flood insurance coverage must be purchased separately to cover flooding events, and takes 30 days to go into effect.

Windstorm insurance will not cover damages to your vehicle that may occur if a tree falls on it or if it is damaged by blowing debris. You must have a comprehensive car or truck insurance policy in place to cover this sort of damage.

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