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New York Liquor Liability Insurance

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Serving alcohol isn't easy as drink it. You may surely have experience dealing with drunken people, and you know how weird they act sometimes. If you own a business that serves alcohol, you might have caused many problems because of drunken customers.

No more worries. Here is the best solution you were looking for.

"Liquor liability insurance.”

This is an insurance policy that protects your restaurant, bar, lounge, pub, or any establishment that serves alcohol.

Why do you need liquor liability insurance?

When serving alcohol,

  • Your customers might try to make trouble for nothing.

  • They might be intoxicated from the alcohol you sold them.

  • Drunken customers always involve in fights and injure themselves and others.

  • You would sell alcohol to minors if they showed you a fake ID.

  • What if your customer already passed the legal limit without you being aware?

  • They might get illegal drugs with alcohol and get affected.

  • Even if they met an accident after leaving your bar, who would have to take the blame? YOU!

It's you, the owner of the business. But that's not your fault either.

That's why you need liquor liability insurance to cover you from all the mentioned troubles.

  • If you are new to the business and planning to grant you a liquor license in New York State, you must obtain liquor liability insurance first.

Not only for business owners. Suppose you are hosting an event, holiday party, BBQ, private function, or any other celebration that serves alcohol. In that case, you should obtain a 01-day Temporary liquor permit from the New York state liquor authority.

We have specially introduced our "Host Insurance" option to protect your gatherings at your workplace, private property as well as in public areas.

If your party allows people to consume drinking, but you don't sell it or make it by yourself, make sure to get covered with "Host Insurance."

It takes care of any troubles you have to deal with because of drunken people.

Don't let the alcohol troubles ruin your fun at your special event. It's always better to be prepared.

If you already covered by general liability insurance, do you still need liquor liability insurance?

The answer is YES!

If you sell or manufacture alcohol, you must obtain liquor liability insurance because your general liability insurance does not cover every area in your alcohol-serving business.

If you hold an event that serves alcohol to treat your guests, your general liability insurance might cover you. But it doesn't include third-party locations.

Make sure to check what your work or home policy covers before embarking on the event. Also, don't forget to get "Host Insurance" coverage if your event doesn't cover by your general liability insurance.

Don't let a good time become a nightmare for you and your family.

Obtain your liquor liability insurance today itself and make sure you are protected.

Contact Joyce Insurance Agency to get your quote and for more details.



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