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Rockland County Home Insurance

Property insurance is intended to provide financial protection against certain risks to property, like fire, theft or weather damages. Homeowners Insurance is a type of property insurance that is specific to the private residence of the insurance policy owner. There are certain coverages that are not usually included in a standard policy, like flood or earthquake insurance, but they can be purchased as additional policies for those whose property may be at risk.

What Does Home Owners Insurance Cover In Rockland County?

Like many insurance policies, your insurance can be customized to fit your needs. The most basic parts of Home Insurance cover the structure of your home, the personal belongings you have on the property, and liability protection for bodily injuries and property damage to others.

Structural Protection – If your home is damaged or destroyed by fire, hail, lightning, or other disasters that are specified in your policy, this portion of your Homeowners Insurance policy can help cover the costs of repairs or replacements. Usually other structures, like a shed or a garage are also included. However, additional policies will need to be purchased to protect your home against floods, earthquakes, or normal wear and tear from your home.

Personal Belongings – Anything you have inside of your home that is not a part of the structure, like clothing and furniture, is personal property. If your personal property is stolen, or if it is destroyed in a fire or another disaster that is covered by your policy, your Home Owners Insurance can help cover the cost of replacements. In most policies, this covers your personal property even if it is not in your home. However, specific valuable items may require additional coverage if you wish to protect the entire value of the items.

There are several ways to calculate the cost of the items that will be replaced or repaired: actual cash value, replacement cost, or guaranteed replacement cost. Each policy will have varying costs to you, and will replace your property at different values.

Liability Protection – Owning a home means that the homeowner is liable for bodily injuries or property damage caused by those in the home, including pets. Liability insurance is intended to cover the policyholder and covered family members financially in the case of a lawsuit. Most policies cover attorneys, legal fees and the cost of a settlement or judgment, up to the limits of the policy. Like the personal belongings portion of coverage, this usually covers the policyholder worldwide.

Additional policies for a homeowner can add additional protections for your home. An umbrella policy will add to the limit of your policy – in case your costs are higher than what your policy covers. In some areas where floods or earthquakes are common, homeowners may wish to add flood coverage or earthquake coverage.

Always discuss your options with a skilled insurance broker who can help you find the best policies for you, and the best deals. You may receive additional benefits for covering multiple properties, or for bundling your Home Insurance with another policy.

How Do I Get Homeowners Insurance In Rockland County, New York?

In order to protect your home and property, it’s best to get quotes from several insurance companies, and discuss your options with a professional. Your home is a huge investment, and it should be protected.

At Joyce Insurance Agency, getting a quote is simple. Simply enter your contact information and a little bit about what you’re looking for into our contact form and we’ll get back to you with your new Home Owners Insurance quote as soon as possible.

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