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Business Insurance: Restaurant Workers Compensations

Providing an Easier Option for Restaurant Owners, Caterers and Other Small Business Owners for Buying Workers’ Compensation!

We represent a number of different insurance carriers. We will shop your quote among these carriers to get you a great product and a great price. It's easy to get a quote and get back to cooking!

Save Money on Workers, Compensation Insurance

Put Some Extra Effort And Planning And You May Minimize Such Accidents!

While working in your restaurant if one of your workers gets injured, workers’ compensation would not only help safeguard your business operations but also cover the expenses on worker’s recovery and return to job. We at Joyce Insurance Agency are here to take care of every aspect.

A platter full of food flying through the air as a server flips, grease burns, or may be accidental cuts from a knife; restaurants are infamous for both major and minor mishaps. Every single incident costs time as well as money, like sending worker to hospital or home, and may be getting his treatment done. Such accidents are inevitable; however you can protect your restaurant from the costs of these accidents.

What Is Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation coverage can be explained as an insurance which protects you, your business, and your workers.

If you do not have workers compensation, you might end up paying all the costs out of your own pocket as well as are exposed to any legal judgment from a lawsuit.

Workers compensation should be considered as a requirement, it’s a safety measure you must have. Not purchasing it can result in monetary loss, fines, confiscation of your business and in some cases even jail time.

Workers Compensation Insurance Is Essential In Almost Every Type Of Businesses That Have Employees; Since It Helps Cover Lost Wages And Medical Expenses For In-Service Injuries.

Common Injuries in Restaurant and Food Business:

Generally some injuries that might occur in restaurants include;

  • Cuts from improper use or storage of knives

  • Muscular strains from lifting boxes and carrying heavy trays

  • Burns from hot materials, liquids, and surfaces

  • Falls and slips from spills and wet floors

  • Vehicular accidents while traveling to and from locations for catering jobs

  • Robbery or assault during a catering job

It is inevitable to completely eliminate the accidents; however there are certain things, tools and steps that can lead to fewer accidents and may guide your employees on how to evade them:

  • Regular workshops and training of all employees that guides them to stay safe and avoid accidents

  • Proper equipment for chefs and cooks

  • Develop a loss control program

  • Correct attire, that includes slip resistant footwear

  • Safety programs to help employees recognize potential accidents before they happen

  • Identify areas of loss or exposure to your business

  • Assist with regulatory compliance

  • Determine areas that impact your experience modification rate

There is a possibility that you can lower the cost of individual claims from your employees and get them back to work comparatively sooner, if you make it compulsory for them to follow the same accident reporting procedures and by offering them a return-to-work program that may facilitate the affected modified duties while they recover, respectively.

Workers Compensation Coverage Consists Of Two Parts:

1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Supports to pay the benefits required under the applicable workers’ compensation law, including medical costs and lost wages

  • Accident or Injury

When a worker gets hurt or injured on the job, your Workers’ Compensation coverage would cover it for you.

  • Medical Expenditures

If a worker has work-related medical bills, Workers’ Compensation coverage would cover it for you.

  • Disability

Lost wages and medical bills should not be a liability for your employees when you have Workers’ Compensation coverage.

  • Missed Wages

When employee has to miss work due to a job-related illness or injury; Workers’ compensation coverage can provide their missed wages.

  • Illness

A work-related incident may cause illness of some sort. Your workers may be covered by Workers compensation coverage.

  • Continuing Support

Sometimes it takes time for an employee to get back on his/her feet. Your workers compensation coverage includes benefits for ongoing care as well.

2. Employers’ Liability Insurance

Usually included in your workers’ compensation policy is employer’s liability insurance; it offers protection when an employee states that you are liable for an injury and chooses to sue you or your business.

Employer’s liability insurance can help cover:

  • Court costs

  • Settlements

  • Attorney’s fees

Even if a lawsuit is frivolous, you might still find yourself paying for an expensive legal defense. That means it is better to get workers’ compensation even if you consider your bar, restaurant, or catering business low-risk.

In most states, it is required by law if you have employees.

What If I Have A Claim?

Our dedicated team and customized approach offers nationwide approachable and highly responsive claims management services.

In case you have a claim, you can rest assured that our claims approach is proactive and hands-on. We have most likely got you covered.

Workers’ Compensation Requirements for Restaurants and Other Food Service Businesses Depend On State Laws

Each state sets its own laws for workers’ compensation requirements. For instance, every restaurant in New York must carry workers’ compensation insurance for its employees; even part-time workers and their family members.

Similarly every business that has employees in New Jersey is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. State law provides some exceptions for employers covered by federal programs and members of Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), partners in partnerships, and sole proprietors who don’t employ other people.

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joyce insurance agency

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