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8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

It's the winter season again! But rather than spend another winter wearing down parka inside your home with teeth chattering, implement these simple tips to keep your home warm and cozy while saving on energy costs.

Flap your vents

Your bath fan vent is constantly allowing frosty breezes into your home. So is the vent for your clothes dryer. A simple way to keep the cold air out is by placing a flap over the vents.

Weatherstrip doors and windows

This tip may be a popular one, but it sure works. Weatherstripping is affordable and can effectively seal the gaps in doors and windows, preventing the entry of drafts and the escape of warm air. In addition to keeping your home warm, it also helps to increase energy efficiency.

Install a door sweep

Are there gaps between the bottom edge of your external doors and the flooring? You can use a door sweep to seal the gap. Door sweeps are affordable, easy to use, and effective in keeping cold air out and warm air in.

Plant windbreaks

While it isn't a tip you can immediately implement, planting windbreaks around your home creates a barrier against cold winter winds. It's a simple long-term solution with other benefits, such as privacy and adding to your curb appeal.

Seal holes, gaps, pipes…

Plumbing pipes, foundation vents, cracks and gaps in flooring, and electrical outlets can let in a significant amount of chilly air. Spraying in a foam sealant or using foam insulation will block out the cold air and keep your home warm. However, ensure you use the right product for the areas you want to seal.

Use rugs

As much as 10% of heat loss is through the flooring, especially wood. In addition, the chill of the flooring against your feet can be very uncomfortable. Using rugs to insulate your flooring can prevent heat loss and keep the feet warm when walking around.

Hang insulating curtains

Hanging insulating curtains is a great way to block out sunlight and reduce the exchange between a cold window and your heated home. If you don't already have one, consider buying thermal curtains, as they contain an internal layer of acrylic foam and will work perfectly in reducing heat loss.

While making your home warm and more energy efficient this winter, remember to protect it with homeowners' insurance. Speak with a local independent agent to find the right policy at affordable pricing.



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