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Bad Weather Driving Tips

Driving during bad weather conditions is dangerous. As such, it is important to have knowledge of safe driving techniques in blizzards, heavy rains, fog, tornadoes, hurricanes and electrical storms.

You may want to postpone trips and stay indoors during extreme conditions to avoid unforeseen circumstances. However, if you do have to drive in these scenarios, better to know how to do it right and safely. In this article, we will list out tips for driving in bad weather.

Drive slowly

When driving during bad weather conditions, it is much more advisable to drive slowly as this will decrease the chances of accidents. Driving slowly is encouraged because extreme weather conditions like fog may reduce visibility and increase your chances of having an accident.

Leave room in front

Experts advise that you double the amount of space you leave between you and the car in front of you when driving during extreme weather conditions. Brake time during extreme weather conditions is always slower (due to reduced friction) and you must allow yourself more room.

Make sure your vehicle is in good working order

Ensure to have your brakes and tires checked regularly and more frequently in the winter months. Also, make sure your windshield wipers and headlights are functioning well. Dirty headlights can reduce your visibility, especially in extreme conditions. Do well to clear your mirrors and windshield and rid them of ice and frost before leaving your house.

Use low beams in fog

When driving in bad weather, always use low beams and not high beams, especially in fog. Low beams don't just allow you to see properly but allow other road users to see your car as well.

Also, maintain the right hand side of the road during fog to avoid missing the center line and running into incoming vehicles.

Listen to the radio

Listening to radio stations gives you access to updates on road conditions during your trip. Many radio stations offer information on alternative routes, road closures and other related information. Remember to keep the listening volume at a minimum because you need a high level of concentration while driving in bad weather.

Pullover when necessary

While driving during bad weather conditions don't be so bothered about the time you might waste along your journey. So, when you feel tired, always pull over at a spot completely off the road to rest your eyes a bit before continuing your journey.

Get the right insurance policy

No one knows the future - life can spring up unpleasant surprises. But when it does, you can be ready. Whether you are driving during bad weather or on a clear and bright day, you need coverage for yourself and your loved ones.

At Joyce Insurance Agency, we are committed to finding you the best insurance options at the most competitive rates. Get started today.



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