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How to Tow Your Boat Trailer Without Causing Accidents and Insurance Claims

Whether you are transporting your vessel to the lake for a relaxing time on the water or to storage, it's essential to know how to tow your boat trailer before hitting the open road. 

Here are some essential tips to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a clean insurance record, ensuring that your boating adventures remain enjoyable and worry-free. 

Use an adequately powerful towing vehicle

It's important not to underestimate the power needed to tow your boat. Going over this limit can place undue stress on your engine, compromise braking performance, and ultimately result in hazardous situations while towing your boat onto the pier and the road.

You ideally need at least 15 percent more capacity than your boat's fully loaded weight, including your trailer. 

Choose a good trailer

A sturdy trailer is just as vital as a strong vehicle for towing. Make sure to check the trailer often to ensure the tires have enough air, the lights work well, and the brakes and signaling systems are properly integrated with your vehicle to avoid accidents with other motorists.

You should also consider getting a weight distribution hitch to make your towing experience smoother and safer.

Adhere to best towing practices 

Towing a boat means changing how you drive a bit. You should:

  • Give yourself more space between you and the car in front so you can stop safely.

  • Try not to make sudden moves and go easy on the gas pedal. 

  • Keep in mind that your trailer sticks out wider than your car, so be extra careful of blind spots.

  • Make wider turns to avoid running over curbs or veering off the road.

  • Always signal in advance when you want to change lanes.

  • Always use pull-through parking to avoid backing up the boat.

Double check that your boat is secure

It's crucial to properly fasten your boat onto the trailer to prevent any mishaps. Utilize strong straps and secure tie-downs to firmly attach your boat to the trailer in multiple spots. It's always a good idea to give everything an extra check to ensure it's tightly secured before hitting the road.

Perform a pre-departure inspection

Before embarking on your journey, take the time to conduct a thorough inspection. 

Confirm that all the lights on your trailer are functioning correctly, check the tire pressure on both your vehicle and the trailer, and verify that every strap and tie-down is firmly in place. 

These simple checks can help ensure a safe and worry-free trip.

Protect your vessel on the road and at sea with affordable insurance

It’s crucial to take the right protective measures when towing your boat to prevent accidents that will have you filing an insurance claim.

As New York’s best insurance agency, we don’t just protect your vehicle with the right auto insurance; we have specially designed insurance for your boat. Whether on the road or while on the water, you can rest easy knowing your vessel is protected. 

Call us today to learn more. 



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