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Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Thanks to the economic crisis and inflation, and the high prices of brand-new cars, most people have resorted to buying used cars to cut costs and save money for other bills. Considering buying a used car? Here are the things to assess to ensure you're getting top value for your money.


At the core of every car is its engine. A good engine means you'll get tons of mileage from the car, and is a guarantee that you'll use it for several years. If you don't know a lot about engines, you can have a mechanic come along with you to assess the car.

Maintenance records

Some car owners do not bother themselves about maintaining their cars, while others take very good care of them and keep all the records. Ensure to check through the maintenance records, including the number of times they visit a mechanic in a year, and what kind of services they went in for.

Checking the maintenance records gives you insight into any potential underlying issues, to help you decide whether or not the car is worth taking the risk on.

Suspension and alignment

When you take the car for a test drive, get a good feel for the suspension and alignment, ensuring that the tires are not wobbly or the car isn’t tilted in one direction.

If you notice the vehicle tilts in an awkward trajectory, notify the car owner for balancing and alignment to be done before going ahead with the purchase.

Check registration certificate

When purchasing a car, check the car papers, especially the registration certificate, as the registration certificate will contain the car owner's name and important details regarding the vehicle you intend to buy.

Check for leaks

Many things could cause leaks, and they are easy to spot. Take a good look around the car to be sure there are no leaks. If there are any, let the car owner know so it can be fixed. The best place to check for leaks is underneath the car, where you may find traces of oil or other liquid.

Car insurance

Check to ensure that the used car is insured and let the car owner do all the paperwork necessary to transfer the insurance cover to your name as the new owner. If this transfer isn't done, and there’s an accident, the insurance company is not liable for the damages. Also, check for the terms and extent of insurance coverage.

Get auto insurance for your car

Purchasing a used car comes with a risk. However, with the right auto insurance policy, you'll rest easier knowing that certain potential liabilities are covered. Joyce Insurance is committed to finding the best insurance options best suited for you. Get a quote today.



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