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Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Plumbers

While plumbing may not be in the same category as dangerous jobs such as logging or roofing, it is still high-risk.

If you've spent several years on the job as a plumber or running a plumbing business, you'd agree that accidents are bound to happen. Any member of your team, even the most experienced, can fall and suffer serious injuries or even die while installing and repairing pipes.

Without workers' compensation insurance for plumbers, there'll be no safety net, and you'll find yourself facing lawsuits and in a financial mess.

Who needs workers' compensation insurance for plumbers?

  • Plumbing business owners

  • Piping professionals

  • Plumbing contractors

  • Septic tank installers

  • Sprinkler installers

Why do you need workers' compensation insurance for plumbers?

Plumbing businesses with one or more employees are required by law to provide coverage for their employees and subcontractors. Beyond the legal requirement, workers' compensation insurance can help cover medical bills and lost wages, providing financial protection for on-the-job injuries such as:

  • Slips

  • Falls

  • Burns

  • Burns

  • Hearing damage

  • Extreme temperature injuries

  • And other injuries to different parts of the body

What does workers' compensation insurance for plumbers cover?

Plumbers who get injured on the job do not have to pay the cost of medical treatment if they have workers' insurance. The insurance company takes responsibility for treatment until the employee can return to work.

It also helps cover the cost of rehabilitation and therapy. During this period in which the employee is unable to work, the insurance company pays lost wages and disability benefits.

Workers' compensation insurance also pays death benefits to descendents if the employee dies in while working.

Customized plumbers compensation insurance

As with any insurance policy, there are no cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to workers' compensation insurance for plumbers. An insurance agent will discuss the size of your business, the number of employees on your payroll, how often you work with subcontractors, etc., to find you the cheapest policies that suit your unique needs.

Getting your insurance

Workers' compensation insurance for plumbers provides you with a safety net whenever any of your employees suffer injuries or dies on the job.

At Joyce Insurance, we are committed to finding you the most suitable insurance coverages that safeguard your business at the most competitive pricing so you can have the rest of mind when unfortunate incidents happen.

Connect with the trusted agents at Joyce Insurance to get started!



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