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Reasons To Move in Rockland County, NY

Living in New York City can be expensive. In fact, New York City has had the most expensive real estate markets in the world over the past few years.  With the opportunities that the Big Apple has to offer for everyone, it’s no wonder why New York’s real estate market is skyrocketing.

But what if there is an alternative just around 30 miles away? If you are looking for a house and land  in New York, you might just want to check out the great Rockland County, New York!

About Rockland County, NY

Rockland County is a place with a population of about 336,000 and a median age of 35.6 according to Data USA. Among this population, non-Hispanic whites are the largest ethnic group followed by African Americans, Hispanics, White Hispanics, and Asians. Today, Rockland County is a Preserve America Community that is filled with rich sceneries.

So, why should you consider living in Rockland County?

Lower Cost of Living

According to the Economic PolicyInstitute’s family budget calculator,  living in Rockland County can save you thousands of dollars compared to New York City (located in New York County).

Here are the compared monthly expenses between New York County and Rockland County for a family with two children:

New York County

  • Housing: $2,484

  • Food: $1,547

  • Childcare: $3,271

  • Transportation: $222

  • Healthcare: $1,518

  • Taxes: $2,382

  • Others: $1,432

Monthly total: $12,776 ($153,308/year)

Rockland County

  • Housing: $2,078

  • Food: $874

  • Childcare: $3,011

  • Transportation: $1,205

  • Healthcare: $1,518

  • Taxes: $2,149

  • Others: $1,070

Monthly total:$11,905 ($142,857/year)

By moving to Rockland County, you can save about $10,541 per year in savings that can go to homeowners’ insurance or other worthy investments.

Lower real estate prices

When it comes to real estate, finding a home in Rockland County makes it look like you had it at a discount! According to, the median selling price for a house in Rockland County is around $580,500, compared to New York City where the price of a home is around $705,000! For less money, you can get a bigger house in Rockland County compared to NYC making this place a worthy alternative.

Proximity to New York City

Moving here gives you the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get peace and quiet from the Hudson River, the state parks, and the lakes present in this area. Rockland County is a place where you can explore nature. However, this doesn’t take away the fun and excitement of the urban atmosphere of New York City.

Depending on your location, the drive from Rockland County to New York can be only one-hour tops! If you choose to commute via rail or ferry, then the travel is much shorter.

Excellent for families

One of Rockland County’s excellent qualities is its greenery. If you’re raising a family, you would love Rockland County as several of its schools were awarded the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award by the U.S. Department of Education.

Another reason to raise a family in this wonderful place is its safety. In 2021, there had only been a 97.9 crime rate per 100,000 population. Meanwhile, there are only 681.8 for index crimes. With these statistics, you can say that raising a family in Rockland County is worth it.

Have Homeowners' Insurance For Your Home In Rockland County

Your home is a prized investment, and you want to protect it at all costs. If you decide to move to Rockland County, it’s best to have homeowners’ insurance that can cover your abode from windstorms, fire, flooding, theft, and other unexpected moments.

Joyce Insurance Agency has been a household name in Rockland County when it comes to personal and commercial insurance. Give us a call today at 845-942-7200, and let’s work on making your dream come true here in Rockland County!



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